CNC Motors Lawsuit [UPDATED]

If you suspect you are a victim of CNC Motors:

  • If you have not been paid for your consigned vehicle within 20 days of the sales date
  • If you have purchased a vehicle and have not received the title, several months after purchase

Please fill out this form to join the list of individuals (20+ as of now):

CNC Motors Lawsuit
CNC Motors Lawsuit

Our goal is to expose the business dealings of CNC Motors, Inc. in Upland, CA, and to examine the lawsuit(s) that are currently pending with this dealership, with the hopes that we can prevent them from harming other customers. Please leave a comment if you have been affected.

Even without the risk of dealing with a rogue auto dealer, buying or selling a car on your own can be a complicated and time-consuming process. Most dealerships will handle the details, work hard to make sure that you get what you want out of the experience, and that all of the “i’s” are dotted and the “t’s” crossed. 

Unfortunately for many Upland, California buyers and sellers they had to find out the hard way that CNC Motors is not one of those dealerships. In fact, these customers are resorting to lawsuits to force the dealership to do their job.

There is a laundry list of reported scandals, lies, and abuses that people have suffered at the hands of this seemingly-legitimate dealership. From people not getting paid for their cars to people not receiving titles, many people have felt compelled to take legal action just to get what they are owed from CNC motors.

According to the google reviewer above, CNC Motors repeatedly lied to them and even wrote them a bad check. After the check did not clear, the dealership issued a statement confirming future payment and failed to follow through. After realizing that they were unlikely to get CNC Motors to hold up their end of the bargain, this user felt compelled to take “All legal actions” against the Upland dealership. 

It appears that lawsuits are a fairly common occurrence for CNC Motors. According to the google reviewer Johnny Hernandez, they had an incredibly similar experience that also resulted in a potential lawsuit. Bounced checks and empty promises seem like they are simply routine at CNC Motors. The dealership apparently does not take their clients seriously unless they threaten them with a lawsuit. Even then, it is unclear if this customer actually got paid.

One possible explanation of why people are not getting paid is because the dealership has a shockingly terrible accounting department that doesn’t know how to correctly write a check or complete a fund transfer. Another possible explanation is that the dealership simply does not have the funds to pay people what they are owed and so they keep putting their customers on the back burner until they finally boil over. 

Whatever the true explanation for their amazingly unprofessional behavior is, it is clear that many people feel like they have been wronged by CNC motors. Maybe this isn’t everyone’s experience with this dealership, but there seems to be a common thread of people being lied to, pacified, and then lied to some more. The Yelp review below illustrates the depths of deception that this business appears to be willing to sink to.

These accounts are just a fraction of the complaints about the unprofessionalism and terrible customer service that seems commonplace at CNC Motors of Upland, California. If you are considering buying a car from them or selling a car on consignment there, perhaps you should consider these stories and maybe you should have your lawyer present when you sign any paperwork. Or perhaps you should avoid the place altogether and not risk having an experience like the ones in this article.

For more information or to file your own complaint, please contact Riverside, California DMV Investigations:

Ms. Yasmin Sanjaq 

DMV Investigations
6296 River Crest Dr. Suite A
Riverside, CA 92507
Fax: (951)653-4084

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  1. Any updates? It’s been long enough for the DMVs investigation and I can’t find anything on the media.

    1. I doubt anything happens. Lawsuits are a waste of more money and the DMV investigator is incompetent.

  2. Any update in September. I haven’t really heard anything. Is there anything happening to the cnc motors space?

  3. It’s 8/22/2021. No updates from anyone? The guy that set this page up needs to e-mail the other victims to tickle them so they keep us up to date. I’m surprised it’s so quiet now.

    1. Hi Kevin,

      I am on an email list with ~30 other victims. The DMV is doing their investigation; it’s all of the information I have at this time. “Due process” takes a long time in the court system.

      That being said, Clayton Thom is fairly well-connected both politically and with law enforcement, so it’s pretty clear there is some interference happening.

  4. Clay is a lying scumbag destroying the lives of many people. If his mouth is moving, he is lying. Its good to see reviews staying up so people can see that he uses the same lies to everybody. He is a criminal, nothing more. May this live with his family forever as he destroyed so many.

  5. To me, Clay T is a real version of Hans Gruber. Do I wish Clay fell off a skyscraper when the law closes in ? No. Do I wish he will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law ? Yes.

  6. Hey guys so I initially gave my car to CNC to sell my f430 and as like others they lied and lied over and over nonpayment of course. After requesting to get my car back finally today they brought my car back but not from CNC but another dealer called fusion in chatswort. Boy glad to get my
    Ferarri back!

  7. These guys had my Spider F430 since February 2021 neither paid me my equity nor they paid the lender. Where is my car yet to be found out Im in shock….

  8. Hello, everyone! I’ve only yesterday begun my descent into the madness that is this whole Clayton Thom / CNC fiasco. I’m specifically interested in the Ferraris that have fallen victim the apparent schemes perpetrated by CNC, and I’ve started a list. So far I have m5guy’s 360 F1 Spider, and a 458 that CNC reported stolen a few years ago but that is currently registered in Missouri – and every time I brought that to their attention, they ignored me. So I’m also hoping to find the current owner of that 458 Italia, which is ZFF67NFA8C0184354. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated – thank you!

  9. You all should find where this scum bag and his ripoff artist employees live and go protest outside there house until he pays he must have money somewhere!!!!

  10. I have a nearly identical story as Larry St Marie just below.
    Consigned a 2020 corvette C8 to CNC motors. Contact was Joey. Have never been paid anything. My vehicle supposedly sold in november and i was never told the amount. My consignment agreement was $110,000 net to me. I have delivered the title to them. They delivered my car elsewhere. And it is now over 6 months later and i get no response from Joey anymore.

  11. I am so very sorry to be reading about this and be learning what so many people are going through. Since seeing how many people are being affected, I’ll be writing about this in and providing continually updates. Thank you for publishing this website, to help others avoid what you are going through.

  12. I had three classic cars in their show room. I just happened to see some info on Facebook on a Sunday evening removed my cars first thing Tuesday morning. Unfortunately somewhere they have two of my pink slips for the 55 and 57 Chevy, the only pink slip I got back was for the cougar.

  13. I am experiencing the same BS! Joey, Clay’s chief partner in crime is my neighbor and he approaches me to sell my vette. Joey picks up the car at my house sells it in November/early December and never calls to tell me, I find out at the end of January 2021. In February Joey brings me a check which is bad, then tells me that I need to deal with Clay. Since then almost daily I get text messages of payment by the end of day but he’s a no show! Last week he sends me a text pic of a pile of money with no explanation, the next day he says he’s coming to pay me but again, a no show! I have the title for the vehicle! And to be clear, at no time did Joey produce any contract to consign the vehicle with its as though he was selling this car on his own trying to defraud the state! Great neighbor hey!

    1. Larry, do you still have the picture that Joey/Clay texted you of the pile of money?

  14. Found out yesterday that my father fell victim to CNC Motors. Placed a car on consignment in summer 2020, car was sold in or around November 2020 (my father was not notified of sale or any offers, which was one of the contract terms), false promises of payment were made several times.

    If anyone is willing to provide me with a referral to an attorney that is familiar with this matter, please let me know at Thank you.

    Kelly Logue

  15. If you look at the Los Angeles Superior Court website there are two lawsuits that were filed in the last 30 days. Looks like Clay has stiffed two groups about $1.5 million. He owes one party $380,000 and he owes another group almost $1.2 million.

    This doesn’t appear to be tied to any cars, they are just loans that people loaned to Clay and CNC and Clay has refused to pay them back. Pure scumbag.

      1. My experience with CNC motors/lotus of uplands were bad, I mean really bad! Even now, still hard for me to believe authority would allow this type of business to open, to scam innocent indiduivals on a daily basis.
           I trade in my 2017 nissan GTR premium to CNC motors in November last year for a new GTR Nismo. Almost six months later till today, my old GTR were not paid, my new Nismo can not get register with DMV, i went to local DMV few times,  according to DMV officer, no title or any documentation were provided to them by CNC motors.
           That actually is not the worst part of my story. Back in Dec last year, CNC motors provided me with a check to payoff the remaining car loan balance on my old GTR, so I did it, without knowing the check was fake.  As results the check bounced and my bank has to report to creidt bureau, my credit score dropped from 819 to 699.
            My car loan balance were transferred to a new bank by CNC motors, however they never paid off the old ones. In order to avoid further damage to my credit score, i have been paying two car loans for the past several months.
           I’m just simply a car enthusiast, i never thought by doing business with CNC motors/louts of uplands would bring me such stress, both mentally and financially.
          I still believe we are live in a society where nobody is above the Law. Unfortunately, for some people such as owner of CNC motors Clayton Thom, they think they are too smart, they can just scam, taking advantage of people without facing any legal consequences, I’m sorry Clayton, you are wrong, it just matters of time, wait and see.

  16. why hasn’t anyone reported their cars stolen. if you have the title no bill of sale no deposit and the car is missing it is stolen. call the police and insurance company

    1. Per Upland PD, if we file a stolen car report the Upland PD goes to CNC and CNC says they sold it and just need to pay the car owner. Case Closed. Upland PD told us today (4/8/21) that it would be a “waste of time”.

      And some of us don’t have the title. CNC required consignees to give them the title. I know, very stupid of us.

      We did file a clain with our insurance carrier.

        1. If you can’t get the PD to file a stolen vehicle report, try to get them to file an incident report.

          1. And don’t waste your time with Upland PD. File some type of a report in the city in which you reside.

  17. Message to Tony H (i.e., the last person below to post a review re these fraudulent con artists):

    Hey Tony, did you file suit and get your judgment in small claims court or did you proceed in the court of unlimited jurisdiction in San Bernardino County? Although I am in northern Cal, I consigned my collector ‘Vette with these scum of the earth people and I am sad to say I am in the exact same boat as you.

    Also, what is the DMV telling you they can or will do for you, if anything?

    Lastly, I also threatened to swear out a criminal complaint with the local D.A.’s office seeking charges for fraud and deceit, embezzlement, theft, criminal conspiracy, etc., and that, of course, got the immediate attention of the owner, Clay Thom, prompting him to immediately tell me he would work on issuing a cashier’s check in full payment to me for the consignment sale of my car which, of course, is just one of his typical stalling tactics, obviously, that he has engaged in with others time and time again. This shyster has been down this road so many times he could do it in his sleep (and probably does).

    Truly look forward to hearing from you!

    Kind regards,

    Tab Mitchell

  18. Consigned my g wagon 4×4 on 9/22/20 never got payment. Clayton has every lie in the book. I sued and got a court order judgement but still hiring a debt collector to get back my funds. I already finished my dmv complaint. Still didn’t receive anything. Don’t get scammed STAY AWAY FROM CNC MOTORS!!!

  19. Beware CNC Motors/ Lotus of Upland
    By the time Clay Thom-owner and salesman/front man Scott got to me they had the scheme of taking in my car on consignment and not paying upon sale down to an art.
    The operation is very impressive-beautiful cars, extensive showroom and elaborate offices. This is all just a front. I mistakenly gave my frame off restored 1954 Corvette to them to assist in selling. I needed the funds quickly. We agreed on a reduced sales price and they completely ignored our agreement. After complaining they reduced to the agreed upon price and the vehicle sold within a few weeks. That was the beginning of December 2020. Since that time I have been given a check that they immediately stopped payment on. Stating they didn’t have the funds to pay me. I have been asked to come to the dealership twice to pick up payment. Upon arrival they either weren’t there to pay or was told they didn’t have the funds. I have been in contact most days for the last 90 and lied to too many times to count.
    I would not give CNC title until I received payment. Thus the new owner has no title but paid for the vehicle. All of Clay’s lies are very short term- he promises payment today, tomorrow morning or within a few days. Clay and Scott are dishonest. They never intended to pay for the car, this has been proven by their actions. I was told by Clay that he was losing his business, CNC, and the building they occupy. So he has to harm his customers on his way down?
    I have restored cars for the past 30 years and this is definitely the absolute worst car experience I could imagine.

  20. We have been scammed by CNC Motors, my story is the same as everyone, sold our classic car, did not tell us till we went to CNC to check on it. Still waiting for our money, going on seven months.

    1. So sorry to hear what happened to you. I was very fortunate and was able to remove my three classic cars from their show room floor two weeks ago. Clay was so angry and told my daughter if you remove these cars you can never bring them back here and try and sell them again. What a scum bucket. Unfortunately though, I only got back one pink slip on our cougar, the pink slips for the 55 and 57 Chevy they claimed they lost.

      1. One of many time that I went to CNC to get my money, either by Clay calling us to pick up the money or just trying to get my money, I did see my pink slip in March, he sold 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS.

      2. He didn’t lose them. He probably “floored them” meaning he used the title to get money from his dealer floor plan lender. That’s probably why he was so pissed because on the next audit they’ll demand payment.