CNC Motors Still Owes Me a Lot of Money

I setup this website originally because I have personally been a victim of CNC Motors. Back in November of 2020, I consigned two of my vehicles, both in pristine condition: 2020 McLaren 720S Spider (Ludus Blue) and a 2017 Mercedes G550 4×4 Squared (Designo Mystic White Metallic). I refuse to link to their website, but you can still see them LIVE today as listed for sale.

As I am a busy person with work, I would occasionally reach out to my salesman (Joey Indrieri) to provide a status update, often not receiving a response via text or emails.  Because of the holidays and the common “COVID excuse”, I assumed the lack of responses were due to lack of time.  After this continued into January and February, I started suspecting something wasn’t right.  Finally, during the second week of February, I’d had enough.

That following week I personally showed up to the dealership to find out what was going on with my vehicles. Much to my surprise, my vehicles were not at the dealership.  Obviously, this was very concerning and alarming, as I was never notified that were sold.  Furthermore, I received the “run around” that Joey wasn’t available to speak with me, at which point I said I refused to leave the dealership until I had answers.  Miraculously, they found Joey to come talk to me.

He acted very shady, saying my cars had sold and was “surprised that no one had reached out” to tell me this information, as he was supposedly out of the office (in the hospital) for the last 3 weeks with COVID-19.  I said no one had contacted me, and he then presented the “Release of Liability” (NRL) forms for me to sign. At this point, I didn’t care when my cars had sold, I just wanted the liens paid and the remaining proceeds sent to me.  At this point, my loans were not paid off on either vehicle (and STILL are not paid), putting me at liability risk of these vehicles for which I have liens.

When I left that day (Wednesday, February 17th), I was promised that I would see the funds wired to my account (information which I had provided to them several times) by the end of the week.  Unsurprisingly, no funds were transferred. I tried reaching out to Joey to find out the Fed wire confirmation numbers, and when the funds were sent.  Two more weeks went by, and he wasn’t responding to me.

On March 2nd, I threatened legal action if I was not paid by the end of the week.  I received a response from someone named “Clay” (Clayton Thom), who I found out was the owner of the dealership.  I assume that Joey was either let go / fired, and now his messages were being forwarded to Clayton now.  Clayton assured me that I would be paid by the end of that week, and to send my loan payoff info, and my wire transfer information (keep in mind I’d already provided this information several times).  I agreed, the week passes, and of course, no funds are in my account.

My girlfriend and I drove out to CNC again on March 12th, assuming that Clayton would have the two liens paid off, and two cashiers checks for the balance of equity I’m owed.  Upon entering the dealership, the receptionist gave me the runaround, saying that Clayton wasn’t there.  This obviously immediately infuriated me, and I said I wasn’t leaving.  At which point, they finally called the police on me to remove me from the dealership.

The officer said that Clayton would pay me by the end of the following week (March 19th), as he was getting a partner to buyout the business and provide him cash.  I gave him the benefit of the doubt, but of course, that Friday passes with no funds in my account, and I confirmed that both liens are still not paid.

Out of the blue, I get an unsolicited text from Clayton asking for my wire information (which I had provided several times).  I provided the information again, hoping I would get this resolved the following Monday… nope, nothing.

I have still yet to recover a dime of the half a million dollars I’m owed.

Empty promises, robbing Peter to pay Paul… all in a regular day’s work at CNC Motors. If you’ve have a similar experience, please leave it in the comments.

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    1. Peter
      Did you find your car. I think I might have seen it a while back. At a dealer in Orange County.

  1. they sold my 430 Ferrari spider and I wasn’t paid. that was 18 months ago. please contact me to inform me how to try and get involved with this investigation.. also gave me a bounced check for 52k..

  2. I am the owner of the red 1994 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo 6 speed that is so dear to me and CNC sold it but never paid me. Many lies and promises and issued me a non sufficient check. This is a heart breaker.

  3. Clay is a complete POS and he knows it. his family knows it. he is a psychopath and blames others for him stealing there money and cars. he blames the victims he defrauded for ruining his business when he has ruined so many other peoples lifes by his theft. take this man to jail already. he doesnt plan on paying anybody like he says. time for #accountability

  4. Clay told me the check will be ready by Today April 16th, guess what, not even open today.

  5. Anything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. I have first hand knowledge. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself and reputation which is in the toilet now so that’s killing his ego.

  6. Just a quick thought for all you CNC Motors victims of fraud who already have obtained a civil court judgment for damages that hasn’t been paid by Clay Thom, the owner of CNC, and his fellow co-conspirators in their shady dealings with the public.

    Clay actually gave a recorded interview purportedly responding to all the incredible number of social media posts wherein he essentially asks everyone to lay low and not sue him, not ask for criminal prosecution, etc., etc. Clay’s basic position in life is simply, “poor, poor pitiful me.” He intimates that he and his family have literally lost everything, that they have no house that they own (they rent, supposedly), he doesn’t own a plane, her doesn’t have a lake house or a beach house, he doesn’t own a Rolex collection, etc. But, what he does own up to is simply the fact that he owns the CNC Motors building, quite an impressive piece of southern Cal commercial real estate, and that he is selling it to an investor and will then enter into a leaseback arrangement to keep CNC Motors operating there as a tenant instead of as an owner without moving.

    So, here’s my suggestion to all you fellow victims if you already have a valid judgment for damages: simply record your judgment with the San Bernardino County Recorder’s Office and assuming that is done before the sale of Clay’s building is consummated, your judgment will have to be satisfied out of the proceeds from the sale of the building as part of the close of escrow.

    This is exactly what I will do once I have my civil court judgment assuming Clay Thom’s building hasn’t been sold by that date.

  7. We got a car from this dealership never got the tile or registration as of today. Got the car in Nov 2020. Same thing traded in a lease and got multiple bounce checks . Now stuck with a car with no registration or title. This dealership will make up every excuse in the book to lie to you. I am so surprise that they are still around and operating.